Photo: This Time Next Year

Photo: This Time Next Year

Araki Koman is a Designer & Illustrator from Paris, currently living and working in London.

Using raw lines, organic shapes and a limited colour palette, Araki uses her minimalist style for commercial commissions as well as for her personal artistic work which is influenced by slow living*, travel and visual anthropology. She loves exploring the concept of clothing and its relation to the body and culture.

She has lived, worked and studied in France, UK, China, Canada, Iceland, Denmark and will relocate to Japan, her soul country, in Autumn 2018.

*simple and conscious lifestyle


Wieden + Kennedy, Refinery29,
Lenny's Letter, Work.Life, Clinique, AARP,
Londonewcastle, Rowdy Studio, On She Goes...

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+ Videos

The Londoners Community Live Drawing
LFA - June 2018

Global Couture Workshop
ELCAF - June 2018

Global Couture exhibition
Benk + Bo
London, UK - August - September 2018

Global Couture exhibition
Miranda Kuo Gallery
New York City, USA - January 2018

Different, different but the same
Bar Demory
Paris, FRANCE - March 2016

Les Expos à la Maison, Edition #17
Paris, FRANCE - November 2015