Ritual Union
CD cover, music, personal

The Girlfriend (AARP)
editorial, commission

Winter Bees
movie, storyboard, commission

The Lookout Journal
wellness, editorial, commission

Boutique Binetna
craftmanship, branding, commission

Koh Mabby
fashion, clothing, commission

On She Goes
travel, editorial, commission


Refinery29 x Clinique
animation, advertising, commission

Swellbe + co.
branding, wellness, commission

community, nature, editorial, commission

Global Couture
anthropology, textile, personal

Daily Life
scene, personal

Tea Pot Experiment
collage, personal

Pure Plant Magic
botanical, textile design, commission

Cameleon Association
annual report, charity, commission

This Time Next Year
mural, coworking space, commission

Vintage Africa
portraits, personal

Fashion Lookbook
fashion illustration, personal


Journal d'un Pigeon Voyageur
travel, editorial, commission

Martha Graham
dance, editorial, personal