Penguin Books (UK)
hair tradition, advertising, commission

Reconnect, let go, expand
dance, posters, personal

The Atlantic (USA)
editorial, animation, commission

Ritual Union
CD cover, music, personal

Boutique Binetna (Canada)
craftmanship, branding, commission

Journal d'un Pigeon Voyageur (France)
travel, editorial, commission 

The Afro Hair & Skin Co (UK)
cosmetics, textile design, commission


Lion’s Roar (Canada)
spirituality, editorial, commission

Creative Boom (UK)
makers, poster design, commission

Topic (USA)
motherhood, editorial, commission

Slow Japon
diary drawings, Japan, personal

This Time Next Year (UK)
mural, coworking space, commission

Four Salt Spoons (USA)
storytelling, commission

The Lookout Journal (India)
wellness, editorial, commission

Global Couture
anthropology, textile, personal

Daily Life
scene, personal

Martha Graham
dance, personal

energy healing, personal

dance, body movement, personal

Greetings of OGA (USA)
conceptual illustration, commission

Ode to slow fashion
 fashion illustration, personal

Lenny Letter (USA)
editorial, commission

This Time Next Year (UK)
wallpaper, coworking space, commission

Vintage Africa
portraits, personal

Londonewcastle (UK)
editorial, commission

On She Goes (W+K)
website illustration, commission