Photo: Aava Anttinen

Photo: Aava Anttinen

Araki Koman is an Illustrator & Designer from Paris, currently living and working in London. She finds inspiration in visual anthropology, fashion and lifestyle photography, as well as folklore and traditions from around the world which she translates using a minimalist colour palette and raw lines.

With black and white, Araki aims to create bridges and invite her public to rethink our relationship with appearance to define identity. She is also the creator of the project 'Global Couture: celebrating cultural diversity', which consisted in paying tribute to the authenticity and diversity of women’s clothing aesthetic traditions from around the world.

To this day, she has lived, worked and studied in France, UK, China, Canada, Iceland, Denmark and will be relocating to Japan, her soul country, in Autumn 2018.


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Global Couture
Miranda Kuo Gallery
New York City, USA - January 2018

Different, different but the same
Bar Demory
Paris, FRANCE - March 2016

Les Expos à la Maison, Edition #17
Paris, FRANCE - November 2015


This Time Next Year
Coworking space
London, UK - March 2018