Global Couture exhibition | London
to Sep 4

Global Couture exhibition | London

Global Couture is a series of portraits drawings paying tribute to the authenticity and diversity of women’s clothing aesthetic traditions from around the world by French artist Araki Koman. Bridging her interests for visual anthropology, textile and illustration, Araki uses vintage and contemporary collected and donated photographs as references to produce each drawing, one country at a time, with a minimalist twist. 

Global Couture will be on view at Benk + Bo from 27 August 2018.  For her first London solo show and second Global Couture exhibition after New York last January, Araki will present the most recent cycle of drawings of this series (2017–ongoing).


Exhibition Dates: 27 August - 04 September 2018
Closing Reception: Tuesday, 04 September from 6.00 to 10.00 pm

It will be an occasion to meet, drink and mingle together and give my last farewell before leaving London on Sept 20th

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Line Drawing & Creative Minimalism Workshop (canceled)
7:15 PM19:15

Line Drawing & Creative Minimalism Workshop (canceled)

Unfortunately, the workshop is canceled for personal reasons

Are you a blocked artist or art enthusiast willing to start drawing but feels overwhelmed by the unlimited options and techniques available?

Join the Line Drawing and Creative Minimalism workshop hosted by Illustrator & Designer Araki Koman who recovered from a 10 years creative block after embracing minimalism and the beauty of imperfection in her creative process. Using her signature line drawing techniques, she will teach you how to draw people and daily objects effortlessly using your imagination and photo references. The participants will leave with finished illustrations representing people and objects they love or are inspired by, goodies, more compassion and better confidence towards their drawing abilities, and practical ways to apply minimalism in creativity.

1. Introduction: Example of my work + other minimalist references
2. Warm up exercises
3. People + Objects drawing 

- 2 x Fine line pens
- 1 x Marker pen
- A4 Paper sheets
- A4 Folder
- Herbal Tea + snacks


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Global Couture Workshop
12:15 PM12:15

Global Couture Workshop

As part of ELCAF festival 2018, I will be hosting a workshop based on the content of my Global Couture colouring book.

Activities available :
1. Mindful colouring
2. Draw your self-portrait wearing a traditional costume of your choice
3. Create an artwork inspired by the culture that inspire you the most

Visual references and material provided


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The Londoners – Community Live Drawing
2:30 PM14:30

The Londoners – Community Live Drawing

  • Connections Community Pavilion - Granby Place (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

Using a limited colour palette of line markers, the Illustrator Araki Koman invites the participants to join her draw a giant collaborative illustration representing a crowd of Londoners, their style and diversity, using real life and imaginary references. We will place the big piece of paper either on a mural or on a big table to allow 5-10 participants to draw on it simultaneously using their imagination and inspiration from people around.

In partnership with WeAreWaterloo, Collective Works collaborated with Ongéan to create an inclusive temporary space. All of the events that are programmed in Granby Place throughout LFA, including this one, are aimed to enable communities to become more visible to each other and themselves.


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